Free Fire: What do players get for free in Garena's Purge Day series?

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Free Fire: What do players get for free in Garena

Purge Day (July 5) is one of the major Fire Fire year events. Gamers will receive a lot of free gifts from this event.

After a series of Beach Party events that took place in the first half of June, the coming days of July, Free Fire will continue to bring Purge Day with many free gifts for gamers.

At the Twilight event, Free Fire gamers can choose the side of Light or Dark and complete the task to own special gifts. The hottest gift is a free Biological Assassin costume for free with crafted full skin M1411 gun.

Free Fire Day of the Fire event has many attractive gifts.

Excellent rewards for the top 100 leaders of both sides of the Light and Shadow.

But need to race to be able to own the items above. As for the top non-racing gamers, there is still a pretty good free gift. Those are 2 items: Thanh Cheng corpses and Thanh Cheng statues. Only need to accumulate log in full 7 days from 27/6 to 5/7 to receive.

Gamers without a plow still have gifts!

In addition, through events such as Card exchange, Call your old friends back, Thanh Cheng Shop ... gamers can also get more good gifts or great offers from Free Fire. So don't miss this event!

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