KOF AllStar VNG - Quyen Vuong Chien: Top 6 strongest gladiators to conquer every challenge

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KOF AllStar VNG - Quyen Vuong Chien: Top 6 strongest gladiators to conquer every challenge

There are hundreds of different characters in KOF AllStar VNG - Quyen Vuong Chien with each separate role in combat, including ... 1vs6.

The King of Fighters AllStar - King of Fighters (KOF AllStar VNG - King of Fighters) owns hundreds of characters from 3 once-legendary legends of the arcade game King of Fighters (KOF), The Last Blade and Samurai Shodown. With a separate skill set, suitable for each situation, the game allows players to optimize their creativity on tactics, style, gameplay or simply collecting hobby.
However, there are always very strong gladiators that can help you break through the squad, flip the odds in dangerous situations or maybe even 1vs6. So who are they?

Kyo Kusanagi (KOF)

Advantages: high straight line damage, quite sturdy, versatile in many positions.
Disadvantages: Damage, HP, and defense stats are only good!
Kyo Kusanagi is the main character in KOF, the rival of Iori Yagami. Of course, being "main" is a must! Kyo Kusanagi possesses very good damage, with a "fire fist" (roughly translated) that deals vertical damage. Although the damage ratio is not as strong as the single-target moves, but Kyo Kusanagi can completely "carry the team" in the situation of drinking weight 2 or even weight 4, if conditions are favorable.

Iori Yagami (KOF)

Advantages: Terrible damage, resilience and good deal
Disadvantages: Not versatile, difficult to use
Iori Yagami has the fighting style of a ... real devil. Therefore, KOF AllStar VNG - Quyen Vuong Chien kept this power for him when put into the game. Iori Yagami can deal enormous damage to a target, with his combo ... ... scratching his charges. Along with the ability to recover in great competition, Iori Yagami is typical for the class of characters who can ... weigh the world! However, with SSR level, getting this guy is not easy!

Mai (KOF)

Advantages: High multi-target damage, has an effect on the attack
Disadvantages: low HP, easily defeated.
Mai is undoubtedly the most attractive girl in KOF AllStar VNG village - Quyen Vuong Chien in the opinion of many brothers! Therefore, she is of course also in the top strong gladiators, with damage skills to the entire squad. As a result, Mai easily finished off the low-blooded gladiators of your team, outside the scope of attack of your teammates. Because of that, Mai has been selected a lot in the competition team or overcome the frontier of many foreign players!

Orochi (KOF)

Advantages: Super multi-target, super multi-target damage
Disadvantages: Low HP, easy to stack damage
Orochi is the strongest "ultimate boss" of KOF, it's true in both the storyline and the game. Belonging to SSR max 5 *, Orochi demonstrates his superiority, with the last "Blend" skill being rated as a method of damaging KOF AllStar VNG's strongest enemy squad - Acting of the United Kingdom. Not only that, at high levels, this general also possesses the ability to revive, the true nature of an "immortal boss".

Tachibana Ukyo (Samurai Shodown)

Advantages: High damage, versatile, poke good opponents
Defect: difficult to use, low HP.
As the SSR level representative of the Samurai Shodown game, Tachibana Ukyo is the strongest swordsman in KOF AllStar VNG - King of War to date. His skill deals up to 6 times damage to the target. The interesting thing about this skill is that Ukyo does not follow any specific rules (horizontal, vertical), but will prioritize slashing the front row target with a random fighter in the back row, with huge damage. Ukyo is heavily used in the rapid destruction of attacks in enemy formation.

Lee Rekka (The Last Blade)

Advantages: High damage in resistant items, versatile.
Defect: HP and armor are not as good as other tanks.
Lee Rekka is very similar in appearance and style to Hoang Phi Hong, so many fans of The Last Blade often call him Hoang Phi Hong for familiarity. Lee Rekka's skill is quite similar to Ukyo, when dealing strong fire damage to the enemy team in a vertical line, accompanied by the burning effect of the enemy. To compensate for the low health blemishes, Lee Rekka's moves all come with beneficial buffs such as immunity, shields or healing.
These characters all have their own highlights. Their strength will be fully promoted if the player can apply exactly to each specific situation in the match. Although they belong to SSR level (the highest level of KOF AllStar VNG - Quyen Vuong Chien at the present time), they still have certain limitations. Of course, exploiting their weaknesses will depend a lot on the tactics and gladiators you use, because KOF AllStar VNG - Quyen Vuong Chien has hundreds of other gladiators with names, like Kula's bandages, the healing of For example, Athena Asamiya.
Gamers will be "touching" these legendary gladiators in KOF AllStar VNG - Quyen Vuong Chien from the official launch day 25.6. Currently, the game has opened pre-registration activities at https://kofasvng-vn.onelink.me/j7MO/PRArticle with a series of valuable gifts such as iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB, Apple Watch Series 5, Airpod Pro, iPad pro 256 and many attractive giftcode.
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