KOF AllStar VNG - Vuong Quyen: Is it worthy of a blockbuster title?

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KOF AllStar VNG - Vuong Quyen: Is it worthy of a blockbuster title?

To get the most authentic experience, Game Youth reporter directly experienced KOF AllStar VNG - Vuong Chien Quyen at the original server in Japan.

King of Fighters AllStar - King of Fighters (KOF AllStar VNG - King of Fighters) is getting closer to its debut. With a series of events being held, the product quickly attracted hundreds of thousands of gamers to register and attend the event.
However, there are still many doubts about whether KOF AllStar VNG - Quyen Vuong Chien really stand out and different from the rest of the other tactical card game series. Perhaps, the most concrete evidence of this moment is the success of the game in many international arenas as well as recent positive reviews of the gaming community.

The plot is meticulously designed, detailed

Discover game story through each match

KOF AllStar VNG - Quyen Vuong Chien at Japanese server is quite thorough in introducing this product story. Right from the first step of login, you will receive full information about the context, events, ... King of Fighters martial arts tournament, or the cause, the time being sucked into another dimension, the festival gathered with characters from Samurai Shodown and The Last Blade.

The deeper you go into discovery, the more you will know each character's biography, friend or hostile relationship with the main character, ... In addition, the scenery, the field will also change constantly. suitable for each specific story. As a result, the game became more lively and closer to the fans of King of Fighter.

Sounds and graphics surreal, charismatic
With the brand of a top-notch fighting game, KOF AllStar VNG - Quyen Vuong Chien designed a rather realistic, witty character system with a bit more animation to easily reach players. However, the compliance and focus on the specific details of the character such as martial arts, great moves, standing postures, costumes, ... in design help the product more realistic and more attractive.

Not only focus on character graphics or great skills, but also the sound of the battlefield, sound skills and character dialogues are also carefully invested. The game retains the voice of the character while speaking, launching and being damaged. In addition, to keep the identity of the fighting game, KOF AllStar VNG - Quyen Vuong Chien also emphasizes the originality in the voice of K.O or Ready GO. There are many gamers who commented that: “Just turn on the phone sound, without looking at the screen, you also know the character's turn to hit and launch what skills. It is even possible to distinguish continuous skill combos from multiple gladiator groups. ”
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