More than 2000 gamers created the "history" battle in EVE Online to celebrate the player's birthday with cancer

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More than 2000 gamers created the "history" battle in EVE Online to celebrate the player's birthday with cancer

EVE Online's 42nd birthday has become more meaningful than ever.

Recently, more than 2,000 EVE Online gamers have created a "historic" battle to celebrate the 42nd birthday of the gamer nicknamed Chappy78. They formed two huge fleets of space ships and shot each other to give him the most spectacular light show ever. Many gamers also brought the largest ships worth billions of ISK (in-game currency) to participate in the explosion.

As for the Chappy78 gamer, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and last week he received a notification that he was nearing the end stage. This 42nd birthday will probably be the last time, he shared on Discord that this is the most spectacular battle he has ever participated.

Hours after the battle ended, EVE Online's Reddit forum was flooded with photos and videos of the battle with nearly 2,000 players. This wonderful moment included hundreds of thousands of missiles, bullets and lasers firing at hundreds of warships. Chappy78 never suspected that his birthday party had turned into one of EVE Online's biggest battles of the year.

Earlier, Chappy78 invited his friends in EVE Online to join the small birthday party by forming a fleet to have some fun battles. However, some of his friends shared this story with others, which quickly spread throughout the community.

On EVE Online's Reddit forum, Chappy78 also said that a week earlier, he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and this could be his last birthday. In just a few hours, nearly 2000 EVE Online gamers confirmed that they would celebrate Chappy78's birthday with a big battle.

After the battle, Chappy78 received a series of friend requests and from 17 friends he had over 2,000 friends. Chappy78 said that he would continue to play EVE Online until the last days and thank the interest of the gaming community. Additionally, some gamers have asked developers to create a monument for Chappy78 to help him become a permanent part of EVE Online.

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