Top 4 benefits from gaming that not everyone knows

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Top 4 benefits from gaming that not everyone knows

Does anyone know that playing a game brings a lot of benefits to me? Find out right away that the game brings you through this article!

Playing games is not just about spending time on useless things, not getting results as many people think. Actually, gaming brings a lot of good sides, good for game players. It helps us to have better thinking, improve reflexes, limb movement ... specifically how Edu2Review has summarized in below, you see it now!
1. Advocacy development:

Playing games helps you improve the reflexes of the senses, increasing the combination between eyes and limb movement in the most flexible way. This has been researched by scientists and results for game players, especially role-playing games, their reflexes on things and phenomena are better than ordinary people.

The reason is that during the game, the player has gone through the screen where they require skills and continuous adaptation to the requirements of each screen. Therefore, those who play many types of role-playing games have the ability to use a great combination of senses.

In addition to the ability to exercise on the senses, playing games also helps you improve your ability to think and be sensitive in making new plan ideas. The proof is that when you are on a mission in the game, you have to come up with many solutions and choices for your next move because you have to go through the level of performing tasks from easy to difficult so you can not only A solution for a wide range of tasks.

In fact, this means that when you work in a team or think of new ideas for work, you will be flexible in thinking ability, helping you have the right and successful strategies.

2. Treatment and positive effects on a number of diseases:

An unexpected benefit of gaming is that Parkinson's disease can be treated. This may be hard to believe however. In a study of the impact of video games from the University of Utah (USA) in 2012, it was shown that gaming can treat some chronic illnesses in children with autism or Parkinson disease.

Research from Utah also demonstrates that certain games dedicated to actual research have many positive effects, improving the ability to respond and communicate in children with the disease.

Some of you suffer from depression, severe stress can be relieved somewhat thanks to the game. In 2009, the Annual Review of Cybertherapy and Telemedicine published a study showing that people suffering from mental problems such as stress or depression can relieve their discomfort and anger when playing games. - And their condition will improve gradually

There is a fact that playing games helps you relieve pain very well. This is exactly the case at a hospital where doctors used a game called 'Snow Worlds' to reduce the pain of wounded soldiers. The game is very simple, a snowy world created by lots of snowballs and players only need to throw these balls at different penguins. With extremely simple gameplay, Snow Worlds makes patients somewhat manage the pain as well as control the use of painkillers to recover damage.
3. Improving foreign languages:

Learning foreign languages from games today is not too strange for everyone anymore. A lot of people who are good at English came to see it all, thanks to gaming. There are games where you have to go through dozens of quests that are all in English. So how to overcome those tasks?

The only way is to study and plow actively English to have enough vocabulary to understand the task of speaking and find ways to overcome. By day by day immersing in English dictionary will help you have a solid foundation and you will be surprised at your English proficiency after a period of eating and sleeping with the game.
4. Expand many relationships:

With the games interacting with players, you will easily exchange, chat and find yourself a friend. This is very easy because when two people spend time on one thing, it is very easy to be able to talk and talk together. Another good point is that you will meet people who share your interests, have interest in the game and that can be a premise for you to develop your relationship later.

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