Vietnamese and Southeast Asian gamers' community is boiling because of KOF AllStar VNG - Quyen Vuong Chien

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Vietnamese and Southeast Asian gamers

Before information all four Southeast Asian countries will be experienced, competing in the same server KOF AllStar VNG - Quyen Vuong Chien, the gaming community is "hot" than ever. This is a fairly rare and particularly interesting case of the regional gaming market.

In just a few days, The King of Fighters AllStar - also known as KOF AllStar VNG - will officially launch gamers in 4 countries Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. In particular, gamers in these 4 countries can also make friends and directly compete with each other at any time because this game will not divide players by region. Not only Vietnam, temporarily called "host country", is looking forward to KOF AllStar VNG - Vuong Chien launch, gamers in the remaining 3 countries are equally excited.

Right after being able to download the game, gamers in 4 countries took advantage of the early installation and waited until now G. Many people have expressed their anticipation at the game's official fanpage as well as community groups.

Many players have also started searching for their passionate teammates, who will stand side by side in the journey to conquer and explore KOF AllStar VNG - Quyen Vuong Chien. And similarly in Vietnam, shared articles about the experience of "studying abroad" from versions around the world, as well as learning more about gladiators are much concerned by the community.

On the YouTube "front", many youtubers who love this game have also made many experience clips before KOF AllStar VNG - Quyen Vuong Chien in international versions. Although not yet released, this game has received many positive reviews from KOF lovers, and the followers of the strategy card game.

It can be seen that, although not yet launched, KOF AllStar VNG - Vuong Chien has a large and enthusiastic community of players. In particular, with the design of 4 countries that can play with 1 server, this game promises to be an interesting and dramatic playground of the region.

The game will be released in 4 countries gamers at 10 am 25/6. Right now, you can download KOF AllStar VNG - Vuong Chien Vuong right from the two app stores. And do not forget to follow the game information at the official media channels:

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